Sashi Reddi

Sashi Reddi is a serial entrepreneur. His latest company, AppLabs, was a leader in software testing and was acquired by Computer Sciences Corporation (NYSE: CSC) in September 2011. At the time of the acquisition, AppLabs had over 2,500 people in India, US, and UK and served many leading companies in financial services, travel, retail, and technology. Series A investors in AppLabs, Westbridge Capital (later renamed Sequoia Capital India), earned a 10X return on their investment in around 6 years.

His earlier companies were EZPower Systems (acquired by DocuCorp, and eventually by Oracle), iCoop (group purchasing dotcom), and FXLabs (acquired by Foundation 9 Entertainment). Sashi received his BTech degree in Computer Science from IIT Delhi, an MS in Computer Science from NYU and later a PhD from The Wharton School. Sashi serves on the advisory board of the Wharton Entrepreneurial Programs and the advisory board of IIT Hyderabad.